Exakt 80 3-Roll Ointment Mill

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Brand new, never used EXAKT 80 Three Roll Mill with P9 Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) Rollers smooth surface with dual speed motor (standard version) and one fiberglass reinforced epoxy and one PVC scraper knife,  Additional Safety Shut-off Switches , PFA Coating on the Scraper Apron, PFA coating for the hopper.
All EXAKT Model 80 Three Roll Mills are delivered with 200-220V, 60Hz three phase motors, metal hoppers, metal splash trays, covers and safety bars for cleaning.
• maximum product fineness up to < 1µm, depending on the product
• output between 0.02 and 20 l per hour 
• space-saving desktop models
Equipment components
• universal scraper system with:
   – variable apron outlet width
   – spring-loaded scraper socket, with no adjustment required during operation
   – adjustable scraper tensioning, with scale
   – PFA coating (option) to improve product flow and facilitate cleaning
• speed control by frequency converter to adjust the production speed to the product viscosity
• all rollers can be cooled or heated
• solvent dispenser
• stainless steel hopper
• splashguard for easy cleaning
• dust cover
- The package weighs 70Kg, and buyer will be responsible for the cost of shipping which is not included in the amount of the package.